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I got distracted with college and life in general...

But you know what? Fuck life.


2010-11-25 23:29:34 by NatetheG

Facebook's gonna get ya!


Cells Are Bad!

2010-08-26 13:13:05 by NatetheG

My uncle lives in a cell. It's ten foot by twelve and he has to read the same boring, old magazine everyday.

The end

International Left-handers Day!

2010-08-13 01:08:08 by NatetheG

To all you left-handed folks out there, including myself, I say:

Why can't more video games star left-handed charactes?!?

John Freeman isn't left-handed, but he's pointing with his, so lookit this!

International Left-handers Day!

At Comic Con, a large group of nerds protested the WBC with awesome costumes and interesting signs.

Read the whole article:


Nerds Versus Westboro Baptist Church

Wow, I am an idiot.

2010-06-14 21:18:38 by NatetheG

As of June 4th, I am now 21. I just haven't been online since before May....

I can legally drink!

(Sadly, alone.....)

As a belated present to eveyone... you can all see my sack....


Wow, I am an idiot.

Happy green Holiday!

2010-03-17 19:11:54 by NatetheG

To everyone eligable to drink, go ahead. To anyone not eligable, but drinks anyway... hey, I never said it was okay, don't point fingers at me.

I just want to point out that:
To anyone with LBP, a free leprachaun costume is available on the Playstation network.

Now, to quote one of my favorite movies: "Why don't ya make like a tree, and get the fuck out."

Happy green Holiday!

Did you ever wonder why...

2010-03-07 00:51:32 by NatetheG

Ya know how before you log in it says


[Jack In]

Ya ever wonder why it says [Log Off] and not [Jack Off]?
Ya know to got with the first one.

Oh and this is a hairless bear.

Did you ever wonder why...

Jonathan Coulton!

2010-02-16 18:52:54 by NatetheG

Anybody else like him? I personallly think he's one of the greatest songwriters ever.

Top five songs:
1 The Future Soon
2 First of May
3 Blue Sunny Day
4 Re: Your Brains
( I knew about it way before L4D2 put it in. I've known about JoCo way longer than the Valve games.)
5 Mandelbrot Set

Jonathan Coulton!

I'd Iike to show you something...

2010-02-10 21:28:42 by NatetheG

My new best friend Mike.

I'd Iike to show you something...